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The laundromat caring for your clothes and the environment

Every Liquid Laundromat in Australia has been designed to care for your laundry requirements as well as being friendly to our environment. That means getting you a top-quality wash and dry using less water and energy.


More convenient than a coin laundry, our high performance washers and energy efficient dryers are operated with an Easy-Key or Liquid Card. Charge either up with credit and you’re ready to get your laundry done.

There are Liquid laundromats springing up in more handy locations across Australia, so check our locations page to find out if there’s one near you. We’re open 7 days with convenient hours so you can do your laundry at a time that suits you best.

How to use a Liquid Laundromat

Purchase your Easy-Key through an agent nearby the Laundromat for $3 (one off cost) and add credit as required.

For sites that use the Liquid Card, purchase your Liquid Card on site.  Cards have an initial one-off cost of $1 then top up in units of $10.00 credits.  Current card sites are listed on individual laundromat location pages.

All Laundromats are open 7 days with convenient hours.  We operate 365 days a year including public holidays.  Please remember to bring your own soap powder.  Most top-up agents sell laundry products.

Keep your Easy-Key or Liquid Card  for future use at any Liquid Laundromat across Australia.

Check your local laundromat for pricing.

Please remember:

  • Liquid Laundromat washers and dryers can only be operated with an Easy-Key or Liquid Card.
  • Any credit on your Easy-Key is non-refundable, including damaged keys.
  • Do not check your Easy-Key balance on large washers as money will automatically be deducted. Use small washers or any dryer to check your balance.
  • Unattended items in washers or dryers are left at your own risk.
  • Please ensure you return to empty your washer or dryer at end of the cycle or items may be removed for the next customer.
  • All our sites are unmanned, so if you need help at anytime, find what to do at your local laundromat.

COVID-19, viruses & bacteria hate heat.

Drying any clothes or linen will prevent the spread of the disease. Our highest dryer temperature (87°C) is high enough to kill the virus on a normal 25 minute cycle.

**This temperature cannot be achieved on your home dryer.**

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