• Fast dryers
  • Small and large washers
  • Domestic laundry
  • All types of bedding
  • Save on energy and water



About Liquid

Our self-service laundromats are designed with the environment and you in mind, delivering the best care for your clothing and laundry with the lowest possible energy and water consumption. To achieve this we have installed high performance washers, and energy efficient dryers. All our sites are unmanned, so if you need help at anytime, you will find what to do in each individual laundromat.

Using Liquid Laundromats:

Purchase your Easy-Key for your nearest laundromat location for $3 (one off cost) and add $ value as required. Laundromats open 7 days – convenient hours.

Keep your Easy-Key for future use at any Liquid Laundromat around Australia.

Check your nearest location for pricing

Important information

  1. ONLY Easy-Keys are to be used for Liquid washers
    and dryers.
  2. Value on Easy-Key is not refundable (this
    includes any damaged keys).
  3. Do not check Easy-Key balance on large
    washers as money will automatically be
    deducted. Check ONLY on small washers or
    any dryer.
  4. Items washed or dried and LEFT are at
    your own risk.
  5. Please ensure you are back to empty washer
    or dryer at end of cycle or ITEMS may be
    removed for the next customer.
About Liquid

Pricing Guide

Please select your desired location for pricing.

Washing How it Works

1. Place clothes in washer and close the door
1. Place item(s) in washer and close the door
2. Place powder where indicated
2. Place powder where indicated
3. Insert Easy-Key
3. Insert Easy-Key
4. Select Cycle
4. Select Cycle
(and press start on large machines)
5. Remove Easy-Key
5. Remove Easy-Key

* Always check care labels first

Drying How it works

1. Place item(s) in dryer and close the door
1. Place clothes in dryer and close the door
2. Select Setting
2. Insert Easy-Key
3. Select Setting
3. Select temperature setting
4. Select Cycle
4. Press Start
5. Press Start
5. Remove Easy-Key

* To extend the wash time repeat steps 2 – 5.