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How our laundry service works

Using our laundry service is very easy. If you need help using a washer or dryer, follow the five steps detailed below or watch a short video for extra tips.

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How to top up your card

Choose your washing machine

How to add washing powder

How to Dry your washing

Mink blankets and Duvets

How to wash Pet Items

Kick back and Relax

follow the five steps detailed below or watch a short video for extra tips.

Remember to bring your Easy-Key or Liquid Card with sufficient credit to complete your wash and dry. Unlike a coin laundry, Easy-Keys and Liquid Cards are more convenient as you don’t have to worry about having the right change.
Check your local laundromat page to view more information about what laundry services are available, such as dedicated machines for pet blankets.

Washing How it Works


1. Place item(s) in washer and close the door


2. Place powder where indicated


3. Insert Easy-Key or place the Liquid card


4. Select Cycle (and press start on large machines)


5. Remove Easy-Key or Liquid card

Drying How it works


1. Place clothes in dryer and close the door


2. Insert Easy-Key or place Liquid card


3. Select temperature setting


4. Press Start


5. Remove Easy-Key or Liquid card

* To extend the wash time repeat steps 2 – 5.

COVID-19, viruses & bacteria hate heat.

Drying any clothes or linen will prevent the spread of the disease. Our highest dryer temperature (87°C) is high enough to kill the virus on a normal 25 minute cycle.

**This temperature cannot be achieved on your home dryer.**

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